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Criminal Justice and Legal Careers

Legal and Paralegal

Attorneys assume ultimate responsibility for legal services, but paralegals assist them in almost every aspect of the work. Related careers may include law office management, mediation, and more.

Law Enforcement

It takes savvy and smarts to understand how to prevent crime as well as bring active criminals to justice, and there are many law enforcement career paths to choose from.

Criminal Investigation & Forensics

Using science to help identify criminals, forensic scientists and investigators are detectives with microscopes, examining physical evidence and presenting findings for the prosecution and defense.


From prison administration to probation or parole officer, you'll work hard to reform criminals and make sure they don't re-offend after paying their debt to society.

Public Service

Public administration servants and human services professionals have united goals: serve, protect and assist people and communities during good and bad times.

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Homeland Security

Homeland security professionals prevent threats to the safety of our country, including terrorism and natural disasters. In its wake, emergency managers minimize the damage.

Federal and State Level

Guard and protect in a federal or state criminal justice career; the environment, wildlife, postal service, immigration and other top-level departments need your service.

Foreign Service

Foreign service officers work in consulates and embassies as diplomatic security guards, but despite living abroad their goal is the same: to promote peace and provide protection for Americans.

Criminal Justice & Paralegal Articles

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Paralegal USA

Paralegal schools are your direct route to a job in the legal industry. Read up on local schools, agencies, and the job forecast for the area of the country in which you'd like to work.