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Criminal justice careers include some of the most exciting jobs you can find today, whether you work in a law office, the court system, forensics labs, foreign service or prisons. To learn about careers in criminal justice and the get the training you need, start researching your area of interest below.

Careers in Criminal Justice and Legal

Legal and Paralegal

Paralegals do much of the legal work for litigation, contract law and intellectual property. Legal secretaries and law office managers make law firms run smoothly. Court reporters accurately record legal proceedings, and mediators resolve conflict so people can avoid costly litigation.

Law Enforcement

Policing includes both crime prevention and law enforcement. Whether you want to become a police officer, or work as an FBI agent, learn about education requirements, salary ranges, and more in our Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Career Center.

Criminal Investigation and Forensics

Whether it's forensic psychology, ballistics, computer forensics or DNA analysis, forensic experts are always on the cutting edge of the most recent scientific developments. Learn about training and career opportunities in our Criminal Investigations & Forensics Guide.


Once criminals go to jail the work doesn't's just the beginning. Criminals are in prison to pay their debt to society, but there's a lot that happens to reform criminals and make sure they don't recommit crimes. Learn about top corrections careers.

human services worker aiding man

Public Service

As a public service official you'll make management decisions for the benefit of the people. Public administrators, human services professionals and mediators help communities and people in distress and in times of transition.

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Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Professionals in the field of homeland security prevent threats to the safety and well-being of our country and its citizens, including disease, terrorism and natural disasters. Emergency management professionals also minimize damage in the wake of catastrophes.

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Federal and State

From the environment and national parks to FBI and CIA, those in federal and state criminal justice careers protect and investigate in every facet of the country. From highest mountain to urban sprawl, you'll find these careers everywhere within U.S. borders.

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Foreign Service

There are several career areas that Foreign Service Officers function in, including consular officers, but the goals of all are the same: to advocate for America, promote peace and provide protection for Americans traveling and living around the world.

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Paralegal USA

Paralegals belong to one of the most in-demand careers in today's job market. And paralegal schools are your direct route to a job in the legal industry. Read up on local schools, agencies, and the job forecast for the area of the country you'd like to work in.

Criminal Justice School and Career Article Library

Read up on criminal justice degrees and research complete career summaries in our articles library. We add new stories all the time and are determined to keep you posted on financial aid, salaries, degree requirements and happenings in the field of criminal justice and legal.