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Paralegals belong to one of the most in-demand careers in today's job market. And paralegal schools are your direct route to a job in the legal industry.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of paralegals will grow 17 percent through 2022, which is faster than average for all occupations. National long-term projections of employment growth may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth. And students who have gone to one of the many convenient paralegal schools can find promising job opportunities across the country, from New York to California.

School and Career Opportunities

Depending on where you work, your job responsibilities may cover many different legal specialties or you might specialize in one area of the law.

After you graduate from paralegal school, you'll find that some specializations are more common than others. Many paralegals practice in one of these areas:

Along with strong job growth, the paralegal profession delivers some exciting rewards, including job flexibility and diverse career paths: work for a law firm, corporate legal department or government agency. Depending on where you work, your job responsibilities may cover many different legal specialties or you might specialize in one or two areas of law.

Paralegal Schools Promise a Flexible Future

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a paralegal is that you can earn your credentials in two years or less. In other words, you can start receiving a paycheck sooner than you think.

If you already hold an associate's or bachelor's degree in another area, you can enroll in a paralegal certificate program, which can take as little as six months to complete. For working adults looking to change careers, earning a paralegal certificate can provide a short route to solid job opportunities, whether in their own town or in a city where they have always wanted to live.

Recent high school graduates or individuals without a degree who want to improve their job and salary prospects can start their careers with either an associate's or bachelor's degree in paralegal studies.

Paralegal USA

Learn about being a paralegal across the U.S., from New York to California, and Minnesota to Florida.

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