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Compare Online Universities of Criminal Justice Learn about choosing from the many online schools of criminal justice.

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Comparing Online Programs

Online universities are becoming increasingly popular among students studying for a criminal justice career because of the high quality of online education and the convenience and flexibility of the online learning environment. More and more, criminal justice professionals are entering the field and advancing their careers with degrees earned online.

But not all online universities are created equal. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing the various online universities you would like to attend.

Residency Requirements

The issue: While the majority of your coursework will be completed online, some online universities of criminal justice may require one or more “residencies,” short trips to campus that generally last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. These residencies let you to meet your professors and fellow students, and allow for any training or practice that can only be done on location.

What to consider: Before applying, take into consideration whether the program you are interested in has residency requirements, how many and for how long, and whether you will be able to fit those trips into your schedule.

Online Student Interaction

The issue: Online universities of criminal justice allow almost anyone with a computer and working Internet connection to go to school. This means you will be able to interact with students from all over the country and even from other countries.

What to consider: Because of the inherent nature of online learning, you won’t have the same type of interaction with other students that you do in a classroom setting. Consider how well you study alone and in groups, and how important face-to-face, class discussion is for your learning style. Depending on your program and location, you may be able to meet up with other local students in your area.

Online Professor Accessibility

The issue: Just as online universities of criminal justice allow you to study anywhere and anytime, they also allow professors from all over the country to teach remotely. You and your professor may be in completely different locations and in time zones.

What to consider: Before starting your online studies, ask prospective universities how they handle interaction between online professors and students. Most professors are accessible by email, but some also encourage communication through discussion boards and by phone. Their goal is to make sure you understand the material and are getting the best criminal justice education possible.

Online School Accreditation

The issue: If a university is accredited, that means the university’s curriculum has been though a third party evaluation process and meets high standards of academic rigor and excellence. Some employers won’t recognize degrees earned from unaccredited universities.

What to consider: All schools listed on All Criminal Justice Schools hold accreditation from at least one regional or national accrediting organization, so you can feel confident when selecting an online school from our directory.