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Law Enforcement Careers

From beat cops to diplomatic security officer, explore the full gambit of law enforcement career options.


Air Marshal

Air marshals have a big job: protecting passengers and crew in the air from crime and acts of terrorism.

alcohol tobacco and firearm agents at crime scene

ATF Agent

ATF agents work with other law enforcement agencies to investigate violations of possession and sale of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives.


Certified Fraud Examiner

These professionals help identify cases of corporate or government fraud and investigate specific fraud claims.


Consular Officer

Working as a consular officer can allow you to see other parts of the world while helping your fellow Americans.

group meets in conference room for discussion

Crime Prevention Specialist

These specialists work with law enforcement agencies and citizens to create safer communities together.

drug enforcement administration badge

DEA Agent

DEA agents enforce the nation’s drug policy and curb the illegal sale and use of drugs in cases of federal jurisdiction.

agent listens to instuctions on earpiece

Diplomatic Security Special Agent

These agents work around the world to maintain the security of foreign U.S. owned facilities and investigating threats to U.S. soil.


Federal Protective Service Officer

Federal Protective Service officers are uniformed law enforcement agents with all the jurisdiction a sheriff has minus the civil responsibilities.


Foreign Service Officer

These officers work advocating for America, promoting peace, and providing protection for Americans traveling and living around the world.

investigator on phone holding piece of paper seated at messy desk

Homicide Detective

This detective specialty has police investigators take on cases where cause of death may not be natural.

woman conservation warden takes sample

Fish and Game Warden

These law enforcement officers protect wildlife, people, and other natural resources so that everyone can enjoy them.

park ranger vehicle

Park Ranger

Park ranger duties include protecting people and wildlife, educating visitors, and performing a variety of other nature-related duties.

uniformed k9 sniffs backpack in travel terminal with handler

Narcotics Officer

In narcotics, investigators enforce drug-related laws using resources like K-9 units, surveillance, and undercover work.

postal inspector holding a clipboard

Postal Inspector

These federal law enforcement officers secure and protect the U.S. mail system.

security guard talking on walkie talkie outside front gate

Security Guard

In a security career, you’ll protect property, maintain security, and enforce regulations and standards of conduct.

national security agency officer monitors global activity in headquarters

NSA Police Officer

NSA police protect NSA facilities, participate in counterterrorist operations and administer weapons training to other NSA employees. 

texas capitol building with statue dedicated to texas rangers out front

Texas Ranger

These lone star state law enforcement officers are an elite team of trained and experienced professionals.

Forensics Careers

Explore the wide variety of specialties under the umbrella of forensic science.

fire line tape in front of burned brick building

Arson Investigator

Working as an arson or fire investigator can be challenging and dangerous, but identifying arsonists or ensuring a building’s safety can be very fulfilling

ballistics expert cataloguing evidence from weapon

Ballistics Expert

As a ballistics expert, you’ll find critical evidence for the prosecution of crimes using guns and weapons.

shredded one dollar bill

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting offers accountants the chance to use their skills in law enforcement cases such as fraud or identity theft.

forensic nurses working together in laboratory

Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses are critical to crime-solving and are involved in the process from victim care to testifying in court.


Forensic Photographer

Forensic photographers use photography to support evidence in a legal case in a court of law.

two investigators in full protective gear let a detective under crime scene tape in woods

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators are police officers or civilians who specialize in gathering evidence.

woman examines computer internal drive for clues

Digital and Computer Forensic Expert

Computer forensic experts recover data from computers for use in criminal or corporate investigations and hacking and phishing scams.

Corrections Careers

Explore impactful corrections specialties that you may be surprised to know exist.

bailiff swearing in witness in front of judge in courtroom


As a bailiff, your primary duty will be to see that the courtroom and all of the people in it, from judge to jury, remain safe. Other duties may include juror security and evidence handling.



You’ll study and practice prison management and the rehabilitation of inmates as a penologist, looking at architecture, self-help programs, inmate treatment, and more.

middle aged professional works on laptop with cup of tea in well lit office

Correctional Counselor

Those working in rehabilitation use their correctional counselor training to evaluate the progress of inmates in jails and prisons.


Human Services

Human services workers include a variety of roles, but they all play an integral role in preventing crime, supporting victims, and guiding offenders in a different direction.

probation officer meeting with client

Probation Officer

Probation officers supervise offenders, either those placed on probation or parolees, as they adjust to and serve out their restrictions.

correctional officer opening door with key

Correctional Administrator

In correctional administration careers, you’ll make our prison system run more efficiently.

Whether on track for legal or paralegal work, law offices are full of critical, specialized roles.

bankruptcy law with gavel

Bankruptcy Paralegal

These paralegals act as support to both lawyers and clients through bankruptcy proceedings.

corporate law paralegal speaking with man in office

Corporate Law Paralegal

This role covers internal business and corporate litigation in addition to typical paralegal tasks.

court reporter working in courtroom

Court Reporter

Court reporters document the words spoken by everyone during official proceedings.

criminal law paralegal meeting with client outside courthouse

Criminal Law Paralegal

Paralegals in criminal law require knowledge of basic crime classification and evidence and arrest procedures.

family law paralegal meeting with man and woman

Family Law Paralegal

People in this field will need to be prepared to deal with child custody, divorce, asset division, and more.

immigration paralegal speaking with immigrant

Immigration Paralegal

These paralegals assist lawyers working on deportation, immigration, and citizenship cases.

insurance paralegal at work in office

Insurance Paralegal

Insurance paralegals work in all types of insurance—auto, medical, homeowners, to name a few.

labor law paralegal meeting with small group of people

Labor Law Paralegal

Labor strikes and union negotiation disputes are just a few of the conflicts paralegals in labor law will encounter.

law office manager working at laptop computer

Law Office Manager

Law office managers take care of the vital day-to-day operations needed.

legal secretary working at desk in office

Legal Secretary

Legal secretaries perform traditional secretarial tasks as well as tasks like preparing legal documents.

litigation paralegal meeting with client

Litigation Paralegal

These paralegals see the inner workings of a trial from beginning to end.

mediator meeting with small group of people


Mediators attempt to resolve legal disputes out of court before adverse parties go to trial.

closeup of intellectual property law patent and gavel

Patent Paralegal

For those interested in intellectual property and patent law, this field can be highly engaging.

personal injury paralegal going over paperwork with woman

Personal Injury Paralegal

In personal injury, paralegals focus on a person’s injury or accident caused by a third-party.

probate estate paralegal meeting with elderly client

Probate Estate Paralegal

These paralegals will need additional skills to handle accounting in estate tax.

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